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Cultural Vacations in Greece

Live the Ultimate Experience with Storytellers

A Unique Storytelling Approach

We design private Cultural trips in small groups, on Land or at Sea!

Since Homer’s ancient narrations, we Greeks have been keen Storytellers!
Today, when you travel to Greece, let us guide you to our vibrant cities, beautiful lands, sunny islands and blue seas. Immerse your self into our country’s Culture!
We shall do so through a journey of Stories, not only from our rich history, museums and monuments, but also with the authentic tales and secrets that ordinary people, tasty food and wine, joyous music and dance, vibrant art and traditions of Greece have to tell us. For memorable, small group, culture vacations in Greece!

Our suggestions for the season

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We all love Stories. They confirm who we are, where we come from.

Culture Stories was created by our enthusiasm, a team of professionals, passionate about Greek culture and travelling: a historian, a marketeer and a creative designer. They selected story-concepts and designed unique trips for your cultural holidays in Greece.

Every Place tells a Story

Discover it in an enchanting journey through one of our story-concepts:

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Seaside stories

land stories hero a

Land stories

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Athens area stories

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Tailor made stories

A historical course of thousands of years with discoveries at every corner.

Experience the Cycladic islands where one of the oldest civilizations in Europe developed during the Bronze Age. Inland Greece: We will get you to the springs of Acheron river, famous for the ‘ferryman’ that brought the souls to the underworld ‘Ades’; small picturesque villages on the slopes of the mountain Olympus and Pelion, where the gods of Olympus had their summer residence.

Listen to our stories about Mythology, Homeric places, Byzantine castles; it’s time for cultural holidays in Greece!
Every coast, every islet, every mountain has a story to tell!

City stories 6000 years old!
Lake and Wine Routes
Let Pausanias be our guide!
Saronic history sailing
Saronic history sailing
Myths and History of an Ancient Land
In the heart of Cycladic civilization
In the heart of Cycladic civilization
itineraries Mystery of the Golden Triangle featured 1
Golden Triangle Mystery
Three Ladies of Zeus!
Obsidian’s sea route!
Obsidian’s sea route!
Nautical crossroads across centuries
Nautical crossroads across centuries
Moving in Mainland Greece
In the land of Centaurs and Sporades
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