We are enthusiastic team of experienced professionals, passionate about Greek culture and travel.

Our philosophy

  • Culture constitutes the best way to feel, understand and explore a country.
  • Storytelling is the most pleasant way to do it.
  • All experiences provided are original, impartial, honest and passionate, a result of academic and in situ research, the fruit of exploration by a team of experts on culture.
  • Every experience trip is customized on traveler’s needs and interests. Every trip is designed to give a new perspective. Every detail makes the difference and matters.
  • Luxury for us stems from high quality services, personal relations and deep knowledge of culture and of our country’s treasures.
  • We support and promote principles of Responsible Tourism. It is extremely important to treat local people, places and the environment with respect.
  • We place Safety First! Our guests’ security –travelling and online- is paramount. If you are not covered with travel insurance from home, please ask us to provide you.
katerina delouka
Katerina Delouka

Archaeologist, Chief Storyteller

Katerina studied Archeology and Art at the University of Paris I-Sorbonne in Paris, specializing in medieval and naval archeology and cultural management.
She worked on many archeological researches in Greece and abroad, in the organization of the Promotion of Greek Culture as well as in the management of the two largest archeological works in Athens: the safeguarding of antiquity treasures involved in the construction of the Athens metro and the Attiki Odos. Katerina continues in the field of culture with scientific studies and management of cultural tourism projects.

marialena mantzavinou
Marialena Mantzavinou

Food & Wine Specialist / Events Organizer

Marialena graduated from Vakalo Art and Design College. She is the founder and manager of RemDesign, a company specializing in digital & print communication services, packaging and web design.
Marialena has a long experience in advertising and in organizing thematic events. She loves the tradition of Greek wine and has participated in many vine harvests in the farms of her wine producing friends.
The uniqueness of the Greek cuisine combined with the locally produced wine are an integral part of Greece’s culture. A Hellenic mixture reflecting the country’s temperament that Marialena can pass on to visitors in a most entertaining experience.

konstantinos areteos
Constantinos Areteos

Yacht Captain, Sea Operations Director

A passionate traveler and sailor, Constantinos is our Yachts master Captain. With over 35 years of sailing and racing experience and a deep interest in history and culture, not only does he know the anchor spots for swimming in crystal waters, but also the island tavernas, local cultural gems and stories worth it.
With a background of studies in economics and business and a career in managerial posts with multinationals and consultancy to SMEs, Constantinos is mostly responsible for the ‘organizational’ aspect of your experience.
He will personally skipper the lead yacht to make sure you get the best fun and service, so don’t hesitate to ask him for anything, even spontaneously changing the trip schedule for a tailor-made wish!

All our trips are designed and operated by us, with the affiliation of prestigious travel agencies in Greece

Olympous mountain, Drakofolia. Photo by Nikos Laskaridis

As Dawn prepared to spread her saffron mantle over the land, Zeus the Thunderer gathered the gods to the highest peak of many-ridged Olympus, and spoke to them while all listened: ‘Hear me, gods and goddesses, while I say what my heart prompts. Let none of you try to defy me: all must assent, so I may swiftly achieve my aim.’

(Zeus warns the gods not to join in the battle)

Translated by A. S. Kline