Travel in history time in marvelous Athens

City stories 6000 years old!

Athens street in Plaka
Private group 3-12 persons
1 day (12 h)
Your Hotel
Walking – Bike (optional)

Our Story Trip

Athens, one of Europe’s oldest cities invites us on a journey through space and time, a tour of yesterday and today and narrates to us a 6.000 year history of people, monuments, roads, neighborhoods, flavors, smells and colors. A destination to be cherished all year around, so much to discover!

 - City stories 6000 years old!

Athens. Exhibits at the entrance of the Acropolis museum.
Athens The Acropolis
Athens.Acropolis view from Plaka
Athens. View from Philopappou hill.
Our program includes:
  • Spectacle
  • Dinner
INQUIRE - City stories 6000 years old!

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