A sail trip as far as 5.000 years back!

In the heart of Cycladic civilization

In the heart of Cycladic civilization secondary image
Private group / 4 – 8 persons
5-7 days
Piraeus port
Sailing yacht – Caique

Our Story Trip

Sailing today among the islands of the Cyclades, we travel back to the places where one of the oldest civilizations in Europe developed during the Bronze Age. In central Aegean sea, the Cycladic islands took their name from ancient Greek writers, because they looked like forming a circle around the sacred island of Delos. In these small islands with a limited natural environment, the strategic geographical location and significant mineral wealth for the time, flourished the Cycladic civilization, of the daring seafarers and merchants who came in contact with other cultures on both sides of the Aegean, exchanging raw materials, products, but also knowledge, ideas and know-how.

,  - In the heart of Cycladic civilization

Paros. Phishing boats in Naoussa.
Antiparos. Livadia.
Heraklia. Village
Schinoussa. Traditional taverna.
Koufonisi. Pori beach.
Our program includes:
INQUIRE - In the heart of Cycladic civilization

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