A charming mountain & green islands

In the land of Centaurs and Sporades

Private group 4-8 persons
5-7 Days
Your Hotel, Athens
MiniVan – Sailing Yacht

Our Story Trip

Pelion was chosen to be inhabited by the Centaurs, these mythical beings with half human body and half horse body and in the same mountain, rich in vegetation and running water, the gods of Olympus had their summer residence and not by chance. Small picturesque villages perched on the slopes of the mountain, beaches spread at its feet, traditional architecture, Byzantine churches, gun powder mills, compose the scene that becomes even more interesting when combined with a dive in a shipwreck of Byzantine times.

, ,  - In the land of Centaurs and Sporades

Skopelos. Stafylos beach.
Alonnisos. Steni Vala village.
Skiathos. Plakes.
Trikeri.Agia Kyriaki.
Pelion. Milies train.
Volos port
Our program includes:
INQUIRE - In the land of Centaurs and Sporades

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