Wandering with a 2nd cent. AD guide book

Let Pausanias be our guide!

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Private group 4-8 persons
1 day (12 h)
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Our Story Trip

The history of Attica owes much to the ancient traveler and geographer Pausanias of 2nd century AD, through his work ‘Description of Greece’. Especially in his first book that refers to Athens and the municipalities of Attica, he has recorded myths, historical events, renowned sanctuaries, buildings and works of art. So, with Pausanias we will meet a rich historical part of Attica!

,  - Let Pausanias be our guide!

Vravrona. Temple of Artemis in archaeological site.
Attica. Thoriko. The ancient theater.
Lavrio. The site of Lavrion old silver mines.
Sounio. View of the Temple of Poseidon.
Athens The Acropolis
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