Argolic seas from bronze age to 19th cent.

Nautical crossroads across centuries

Private group / 4 – 8 persons
7 days
Piraeus port
Sailing Yacht, Mini Van
From € 1800

Our Story Trip

In the Argolic Gulf, a natural extension of the Saronic Gulf, strewn with many small and larger islands and deserted islands, the shipping lines connecting the Peloponnese with Attica and the Aegean Sea were crossed from a very early historic date. Crossroads of navigation, with testimonies of which the earliest dates back to the 9th millennium BC, the Argolic Gulf is an important link in the chain of the historical development of Greece. Every coast, every islet, every port has a story to tell from the navigators of the Bronze Age to the captains of the Greek fleet during the Revolutionary war, and all have left their permanent mark on the landscape of the Argolic Gulf.
Hydra. View of the port.
Hydra. View of the port.

Impressive, picturesque, traditional, romantic, quiet, protected, classy, historical… are some adjectives that may describe Hydra, the dry long island with a beautiful port town, 300 churches, 4 museums and 6 monasteries. Always inspires artists to paint and cinema stars to visit for peaceful holidays.

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