Tracing a stone to discover the Cyclades

Obsidian’s sea route!

Private group / 4 – 8 persons
7 days
Athens Airport
Sailing yacht
From € 1800

Our Story Trip

The story begins when in the Frachthi cave of Argolida the archeological hoe brought to light obsidian debris, a volcanic glass-like material used by the man of the 9th millennium BC. for the manufacturing of tools and weapons. This rock turned out to be coming from Milos Cycladic island! A discovery that marks the emergence of navigation in the Aegean and becomes the occasion for an archaeological debate over the places where the sailors of the time originated from.
Kythnos. Kolones beach.
Kythnos. Kolones beach.

This beautiful cycladic island untouched by the passage of time was first inhabited in the Mesolithic period [9000-8000BC] as the outdoor settlement of Maroulas document. Whitewashed houses, stone windmills, an open air museum at Apokrousi, a byzantine pathway to the castle of Oria and the thermal spring of Loutra are some of the best parts of Kythnos.

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