Tales of islands and coasts of the gulf

Saronic history sailing

Private group 4-8 persons
4-7 days
Athens, Alimos Marina
Sailing Yacht – Hiking

Our Story Trip

16.000 years ago, when glaciers began to melt, Attica was separated from the Peloponnese and the Saronic Gulf was created. The legend wants its name to originate from Saronas, king of the Argolic Troizina who drowned in its waters. It became the most famous bay in Greece after the naval battle of Salamis in 480BC (2.500 yrs anniversary in 2020) and on its shores and islands important naval forces developed, and played an important role in the evolution of history.

,  - Saronic history sailing

Hydra. View of the port.
Poros island
Methana. The thermal spas.
Old Epidavros (Epidaurus)
Aegina. The marina.
Aegina The Aphaia temple.
Our program includes:
  • Visit at the famous Ancient Theater of Epidaurus
  • Swim-snorkel over the remains of the ancient city.
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