Sanctuaries and nature of western Attica

Three Ladies of Zeus!

Athens. Exhibits at the entrance of the Acropolis museum.
Private group 4-8 persons
1 day (12 h)
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Mini Van – Walking

Our Story Trip

A tour of the three major shrines of Attica, Acropolis – Elefsina – Heraion dedicated respectively to three prominent Olympian female deities: Athena, Demeter and Hera. West Attica in antiquity constituted an area of major military and economic importance, so much because of its proximity and relation to the city of Athens and for its geophysical formation. Here we meet the shrine of Demeter, of PanHellenic radiance, and the Heraion dedicated to Zeus’ wife. An itinerary in search of archaeological landscapes, starting from the Acropolis landmark, natural beauties and a refreshing swim.

, ,  - Three Ladies of Zeus!

Heraion. The ancient temple of Hera.
Perahora. Vouliagmeni lake.
Isthmos of Corinth
Elefsina. Ancient sanctuary at Small Propylaia.
Dafni. The wall of the Monastery.
Athens The Acropolis
Our program includes:
  • Seafood lunch
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