Kea, Ancient Ioulida

Kea ioulida lion of kea
Kea, Ioulida, The Lion of kea

Ancient Ioulida was in the same location as the present capital of the island, Ioulida. It was one of the 4 autonomous cities of Kea State (Korissia, Ioulida, Poiisea, Karthaia). It was founded in the archaic period. The ruins of the fortresses of the ancient Acropolis and part of the wall, as well as the Venetian castle built in the 13th century (ancient material was used for the construction) by the Venetian Dominico Michel, are still preserved. In the northeast of Ioulida lies the imposing archaic statue of a lion, carved into a solid slate rock about 8 meters long, one of the most important sights of the island.

Location: Kea, central area of the island Period: Archaic (776 BC) – Modern Greece How to get there: From the port of Korissia. The distance is ~10km. Information for visitors: The capital of the island. What it’s worth to see: The Lion of Kea statue.