The Byzantine Castle of Monemvasia

Monemvasia. Uppertown sea view
Monemvasia. Uppertown sea view

Ιn mid-October we made a wonderful trip to the Byzantine Castle of Monemvasia that stands with majestic serenity at the southeastern tip of Laconia on what the famous poet Ritsos called “his stone boat sailing the seas”.
The castles and fortresses, the narrow cobbled streets, the medieval churches, the imperial thrones and coats of arms all combine to guide you on an escape to a city of a glorious past, where every stone has its history.
Joined to the mainland with a narrow strip of land, the small rock island allows visitors through “moni emvassi”, the one and only entrance -from which the town of Monemvassia derived its name. Upon entering, your journey to the glorious past of a castle city from the 6th century onwards begins. A journey through time and history!
Let us guide you to the lower town to feel the vibes of culture and history in this beautiful setting; and walking to the upper town enjoy the wide horizon of the Myrtoo Sea.