Small group culture tours in Greece.

Here, where it all started!

Democracy, Philosophy, Maths, Science, Drama, Poetry, Olympic Games, Medicine, Astronomy, Atomic theory.


We design exclusive cultural experience tours in Greece, for your private group, on land or at sea!

Culture Stories delivers high quality services with expertise in the design and implementation of customized travel itineraries, “Story Trips” of special interest (eg. food & wine), innovative projects, events and activities, all with a narration of stories on Greek culture.

Aimed at: Couples, Families, small groups of Friends, for their private holidays. Larger groups by Universities, Companies, Associations, for their meetings, conferences, team-building activities.

Seaside stories


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Athens area stories

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Tailor made stories

Greece inland, the magic of the Aegean sea and the islands are there for you to explore! We are here to create an unforgettable holiday experience, combining culture with the joy of beautiful locations, in a relaxing way.

We select, propose and organize your Accommodation, offering you choices:

Your choice of travel can dictate the Accommodation options:

We move around on foot, by bicycle, minivan, sailing yacht, motorhome, car…

We offer your group a Price quote for each tour, depending on:

Prices on trip pages are indicative

We organize your Event or Activity

We organize special Events based on innovative concepts, inspired by the variety and depth of Greek Culture!
Be it for your Private occasion, or your Company project, our goal is to provide unique ideas and locations and a most memorable opportunity for you and your guests.
Examples are abundant from our successful projects and experience: weddings, private parties for guest entertainment, corporate meetings or conferences, all executed with personal care, excellent service and organization.
A simple idea of a fisherman’s caique to bring the newlyweds to the whitewashed church by the beach, or a woodcraft classic sailing boat for the company cocktail can make a huge difference and impact!

B2B Services

We work closely, as partners and consultants, with Tour Operators and Travel Agents for incoming travelers to Greece.

"We enjoyed 3 days sailing to various islands and bays to swim and explore their inland. Our skipper was extremely accommodating, not to mention knowledgeable and funny, and taught us about local Greek culture and sailing. We really could not have asked for a better way to end such a great experience."
"We came all the way from LA to take a yacht & cultural trip with 'Naiada' and had a blast all week sailing around the islands with the best skipper ever!! Every moment was magical."
Grand Merci à Constantin pour son accueil très amical. Il a su nous mettre à l'aise, nous guider, nous conseiller, tout pour nous faire plaisir et toujours avec le sourire jusqu'aux éclats de rire ! Une amitié est née, séjour à renouveler ! la Famille "Yamas" !!
"We just returned from our vacation in Greece, and we had an absolutely fabulous cultural and sailing vacation. They are professional, friendly, and had a great instinct of where to take us."
Constantin has not only strong ability as a captain, he has a lot of knowledge of the islands, ports, Greek history and also good restaurants with fresh fish and seafood. An important experience that we'll carry to all our lives.
Ronaldo & Gabriella
"An Amazing experience being on a boat with Constantin. Took us to different islands and places that you would not be able to get to if just in Athens. Will go on the trip again with him next time i am in Athens! Taught me a lot about Greek culture and sailing! Thank you!"
Amazing trip. Constantin was knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, always responded quickly. Worked with me beforehand to plan the perfect itinerary. And made sure to hit all of our must dos. Would say again, definitely one of the best trips I’ve had in all of Europe.