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The Greek landscape is conspicuous not only for its rugged beauty but also for its complexity and variety. Three elements dominate: the sea, the mountains, and the lowland. The Greek mainland is sharply indented; arms and inlets of the sea penetrate so deeply that only a small, wedge-shaped portion of the interior is more than 50 miles (80 km) from the coast. The southernmost part of mainland Greece, the Pelopónnisos peninsula, connects to the mainland only by the narrow isthmus at the head of the Gulf of Korinthiakos (Corinth). Beyond the crystal blue waters washing the Greek coastline, discover the joy of hidden treasures – cultural, religious, culinary or simply breathtakingly beautiful.Festivals featuring ancient Greek drama, modern or classical music and dance performances are organized all year, spellbinding the audience. Everywhere in Attica, in Athens and its nearby islands, you will have the unique opportunity to combine the most memorable sightseeing with excursions and trips to places of stunning natural beauty. Unrivalled routes that will be engraved on your memory forever, on our experience cultural tours.


Lake and Wine Routes
Myths and History of an Ancient Land
Moving in Mainland Greece
In the land of Centaurs and Sporades

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